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City of North Salt Lake

In this Together
Vote on September 5th!

This is our community.
Vote Suzette!

As your North Salt Lake City Council candidate, I am passionate about maintaining a community that people want to live in, raise their families in and retire in.  First and foremost, I believe that our government is of the people, by the people and for the people.  I feel that elected officials are in place to represent their constituents.


I have lived in North Salt Lake for 20 years and raised 5 children in this community.  I’ll represent the people of North Salt Lake because I am one of the people.


I believe in ensuring that taxpayer dollars are utilized wisely, promoting transparency and accountability in all aspects of public spending. I want to continue to work toward long-term fiscal sustainability.

While I prioritize fiscal responsibility, I am also a strong advocate for city growth and development. I firmly believe that a vibrant and thriving city is built upon a robust economy and the creation of opportunities for its residents.

I am committed to engaging in open and constructive dialogue.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve as a City Council member and contribute to the growth and success of our community.


Take Part in Something Great

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